Caring for Children

Visitors to Reigate St Mary’s frequently remark on the warm atmosphere and it is something that we cherish. ISI Dec 2015

There is a strong community focus within the school and children are happy to play and support each other across the age ranges. Staff take their pastoral responsibilities very seriously and the school operates an ‘open door’ approach, which supports our ethos of working in partnership with parents.

Our determination to offer the highest quality pastoral care extends not only to the children in our care, but to the families too.  When tragedies befall families we want to work with parents and professional agencies to help manage very difficult and painful situations as best we can.   In the last two years we have had children with serious illnesses and have also supported families through bereavement with the loss of a parent.

Following the tragic death of one of our Mums, her husband has set up a foundation to support those who look after patients receiving palliative care and the link here will take you to a testimonial from the family and also a link to the Foundation

The Kalmanovitch’s Story and Carries Home Foundation

Our traditional House system helps maintain the school’s family feel and offers additional pastoral support. The house system also provides a wealth of opportunity for inter-house fun and good natured competition. General knowledge quizzes, inter-house sports events and fun packed activity days are all enjoyed and keenly contested by pupils, staff and often parents too!

Pupils hold positions of responsibility at various levels as they progress through the school, taking on roles as Form Captains, members of the School Council and Eco Committee representatives.  All of our Year 6 pupils have leadership responsibilities including Play Leaders, Music Leaders, Reading Leaders,  Sport Leaders, Values Leaders, IT Leaders, Green Leaders and Librarians.

Pupils understand and embrace the school’s charter of values which emphasises the importance of caring for others and being honest, truthful and fair, and they instinctively support one another.

ISI Inspection Report Dec 2015

From our pupils’ earliest days here, emphasis is placed on good relationships, care for one another and an appreciation of our responsibility in the wider and world communities. We raise money for local, national and international charities throughout the year and take seriously our role regarding social responsibility at a local and global level.

Charter of Values

  • We treat other people as we would like to be treated.
  • We forgive.
  • We are always honest, truthful and fair.
  • We listen to each other.
  • We are kind and helpful.
  • We do our best to be our best self.