Young children soak up new experiences and information at remarkable speed and therefore need a secure and stable environment in which they can develop and grow.

Reigate St Mary’s has a three form Reception entry and with excellent teacher to child ratios. Combining small class sizes with a high teacher to child ratio gives children a significant boost to the pace of learning in Reception and beyond. Staff are able to foster the children’s thirst for knowledge and scaffold the next learning steps for each individual child through the provision of targeted lessons, experiences and activities.

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, allowing for different rates of development, but with teachers always gently stretching and motivating the children.

The early years help establish the vital skills that children need to access the curriculum as they move further up the school.  At the end of the Foundations Stage curriculum children move smooothly to Key Stage 1.  Our success is founded on building each child’s confidence and self esteem through participation, performance and play alongside the pursuit of excellence in the classroom.

In the EYFS, staff are knowledgeable and have high expectations. Teachers and assistants work closely together to create a warm, welcoming environment and devise challenging activities.

Specialist taught Music, PE, Games and ICT are enjoyed by Reception pupils as a regular part of their school week. Reception pupils also enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year.

At Reigate St Mary’s we pride ourselves on a ‘open door’ policy with active communication with parents always a priority. At this very early and exciting stage in a child’s education, communication with home is vital. Reception benefits from its own separate outdoor area in addition to enjoying full use of our facilities and 15 acre site. Reception has a dedicated canopied space, extending from each classroom, which is used for outdoor learning and play in addition to the main school playground which is used during break and lunch times.


When my children get up in the morning, they want to go to school. I never had that at their last school.


Throughout the school, all pupils are confident, articulate and emotionally mature for their age.

ISI Inspection Report Dec 2015

Children’s learning and skills acquisitions are enhanced by the adults’ interacting, warm, positive and caring ways.