Entry Process



Choosing a new school is a big decision and the entry process tends to differ between schools. We hope the information below will help to guide you through the steps at Reigate St Mary’s and Marie Goddard is always available to answer questions or explain the process to you in more detail. She can be contacted on 01737 244880 or by email to mcg@reigatestmarys.org.

Entry Points

The majority of children join Reigate St Mary’s in the Early Years  but we are very happy to welcome children in to other year groups should spaces arise. Due to demand we are delighted to be adding an additional Year 3 class for September 2020 and are now welcoming applications for spaces in this year group.

Entry into Year 3 – September 2020

We have a special Year 3 Open Morning on Wednesday 12 February and full details can be found here. We are also very happy to arrange individual tours at any time.

After visiting, the first step is to register for a place and pay the registration fee of £100. Children will then be invited in for a taster day which will consist of some assessments and spending time with our current year 2 classes.

Places will be offered shortly after the taster day. On acceptance, a deposit of £400 is payable.

Families will be invited to our Meet the Teacher events in June which provide an excellent opportunity for children to meet their new classmates and parents to find out more about the next academic year alongside current families.

Entry into Early Years – Green Shoots and Reception 

Children enter Green Shoots from 2 1/2 years old or Reception in the September before their 5th birthday (if there are spaces in Kindergarten, children join in the September before their 4th birthday).

Once families have visited and decided to join us, they will be asked to register for a place and pay the registration fee of £100.

In advance of joining Green Shoots, parents and children are invited to Little Shoots sessions which are an excellent way to familiarise everyone with the Green Shoots environment and staff. It is also a great way to meet other parents. A year before joining, a deposit of £400 is payable.

In advance of joining Reception, children are invited to come and spend a day with us. On acceptance of a place, a deposit of £400 is payable (plus an additional deposit a year before joining Reception of £1000 which is refundable from the first term’s Reception fee bill). Families are invited to our Meet the Teacher events and the children join us for a Reception Tea Party in the summer before they join.