Headmaster’s Roundup / 4 February 2016


A big thank you to FOSMA for a fun and well attended cinema afternoon on Saturday. A real success and a few hours of appreciated ‘extra time’ for many parents too! I would also like to reiterate Mrs Freeman’s thanks for the FOSMA library donation. They are such a great team!

A number of parents have approached me about the Breck Bednar tragedy and have asked whether the school will be encouraging the children to see the programme which was on the BBC last week. Some of that programme was appropriate for our older children but much of it was not. We would therefore recommend that you look at the programme yourselves and decide whether it is appropriate to share some of it with your children, based on your knowledge of them as individuals.

As it is Safer Internet Day this coming Tuesday, 9 February, we believe the most appropriate thing to do is to share with you the information we feel will help you to keep your children safe on the Internet at home.

You will have received an email today from Mrs Trundle about Internet safety and useful links can be found on the Cyber Safety page.

3M’s superb assembly this week covered many themes! They included this half term’s Value of ‘Collaboration’, the Thinking Skill of ‘Trust’ and our PSHE topic of ‘Friendship’ all told through the story of ‘The Humongous Potato’. Well done to 3M who learned their words brilliantly, told the story so well and sang along to Bruno Mars’ ‘Count on Me’ enthusiastically. Our prayer included the following poem on FRIENDSHIP:

F is for faithful; they’re loyal to the end.

R is for reliable; they’re true and don’t pretend.

I is for the interest in sharing thoughts with them.

E is for enjoyment we don’t want it to end.

N is for neighbourly; they’re kind in every way.

D is for dependable on every single day.

S is for that special friend you know is always there,

the one who makes you happy and you know will always care.

Finally, from me, congratulations go to Emma Maddocks who has gained a sports scholarship to Dunottar. Well done Emma!

Marcus Culverwell

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