Reception say a fond farewell to their monkeys…

The Reception classes have really enjoyed their topic on monkeys this term. They have loved having monkeys in their classrooms joining in with their lessons and and having fun at play time. However, the monkeys had to go back  home to Africa last week and so Reception held a party on the bund to say goodbye. They had a lovely time in the sunshine and enjoyed eating the banana cake they had specially baked for the occasion. They gave the monkeys lovely farewell cards before the monkeys went up into the trees to wait for their Mums to pick them up. As the party finished, the children thought they saw a plane flying over head with brown furry paws waving out the window…….

Today when the children went back to check the monkeys had been collected by their Mums, they found some messages had been left on the leaves and twigs.


















monkeys 2


monkeys8 monkeys9

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