Year 4 visit Preston Manor

Year 4 had a fabulous day at Preston Manor. They had applied for job as servants there before their visit and so when they arrived, they were interviewed by a rather strict Mrs Story. Then they had to do tasks that a real servant would have done. It gave them a taste of how life would have been for a servant in  Victorian times. They really looked the part in their Victorian costumes.

‘My best school trip ever! I found it easy to adapt to Preston manor because it was so strict’. Joe S

‘I thought it was really fun’. Amelia N

‘When I first arrived at Preston Manor I thought it was going to be scary and it was’. Matthew L

‘One of the best school trips I have been on. It has been an amazing experience’. Rayhan A

‘I really enjoyed the whole day, but mostly doing the washing in the basement’. Orlaith S

‘Very exciting’. Ruiri G

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