The Eco Committee meet…


We had our final RSM Eco Committee meeting of the Spring Term on Tuesday.  We discussed waste and if there were more things we could do around the school. There were quite a few ideas including not using disposable cardboard cups for the soup at lunch time, but to use beakers that could be re-used each day.  Another idea was to carry out a community litter pick – perhaps in Priory Park, and to get some more recycling bins for the playground. We hope to put our ideas into action next term.

Then we had an Easter activity – using a sheet of A4 paper from the scrap paper tray (it had already been used on one side), everyone had to make a basket with a handle.  There was no glue or Sellotape, but scissors were allowed.  If the basket was able to carry the weight of a Pritt stick, then the inventor was rewarded with a few Cadbury’s mini eggs in their basket as an Easter present.  Chocolate certainly focused our minds!  Have a great green Easter everyone.

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