RSM put on a wonderful production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Mrs MacPherson, Head of Drama writes….
The stage and props were set, the lights were on, the audience were seated and waiting with baited breath. This was the moment we had all been waiting for! The first notes sounded. The atmosphere was electric! The audience were expertly guided through the story by Georgia Hill, the Storyteller, whose animated, confident and exciting performance kept the audience gripped throughout. She was ably assisted by the bright and eloquent narrators.
Joseph was played by Eibhlin Gibbs, whose simply beautiful voice was a joy to listen to, especially during the song ‘Close Every Door to Me’. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! The jealous brothers were brilliant, acting their hearts out to display how they felt about their brother. Jacob, the father of these unruly boys, was convincingly played by Ethan Gray, an expert at pretending to be an old man (seen many times during Drama lessons!)
As the audience journeyed to Egypt, they travelled back to the 80’s and soon met up with pyramid buying, suntanned, hairy chested multi-millionaire, Potiphar played by Harry Petersen-Jones and Mrs Potiphar his evil wife, convincingly played by Katy North. The fun soon came to an end when Potiphar found Joseph with his wife, and he was flung into jail. Whilst there, Joseph found himself in the company of two prisoners. The Butler and Baker, who had upset Pharaoh and were also now in jail, explained their dreams to both Joseph and the audience with humour and clarity.
As the (imaginary) curtain rose on Act Two, the Storyteller and Narrators reminded us of the story so far and introduced us to the court of Pharaoh. Well, the excitement of being in the presence of Pharaoh was too much for everyone on stage, and especially the fabulous choir of children from Year 5. I’m sure their screams could be heard in Redhill! As the wonderful Gabriel Burns as Pharaoh swung his hips in true Elvis style and told Joseph his worrying dreams, the crowd went wild! All the while, a fantastic Ensemble of young actors added to the atmosphere.
Of course, there are many people backstage who deserve to be thanked. There was a fantastic crew of Year 6 boys who were constantly running around backstage checking props, helping the actors and generally ensuring that the show was running smoothly. We were very fortunate to have support from Reigate Grammar School, in the form of Ian White, their Theatre Technician.

So, the show is over. The props are packed away. The lighting has gone and the stage is down. ‘Joseph’ has left the building! All staff involved were incredibly proud and privileged to have worked with such a dedicated and motivated group of children. The memories will remain forever and for each and every child who participated, I hope they will remember what a fantastic experience it was to work as part of a team, however small that part was, and achieve something that made them and other people happy. I’m still smiling!


The full article appears in the RSM Chronicle.


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