An exciting bear hunt at Outside Club..

Today the Outside Club went on a Bear Hunt.  Their task was to find Pickle the bear who had gone to play on the bund and had so much fun that he had hidden himself, and the club had to find him. 

After searching, success!  Pickle was found by Olivia W, but all was still not well…….Pickle’s friend Branston was also hiding somewhere on the bund!  So off the club went to find Branston, who, being a little more of a pickle, had hidden himself rather well. 

We searched, and searched, and searched but in the end had to have clues.  It turned out that all members of the Outside Club had walked within 1 metre of him…..and not seen him.  However, in the end Holly D found him and so the bears were re-united, and a good time was had by all.


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