Headmaster’s Roundup 28 April 2016

On Monday morning we launched our support for the Run Reigate half marathon for children. As a school we really want to get as many children involved as possible, partly for fitness and fun, but even more importantly to raise money for the very worthy charity The Children’s Trust.
 The idea is for the children to run half a mile to a mile every week between now and September so that they will have completed 12 miles by the 18 September.

On the 18 September there will be an event for children and adults in Priory Park, Reigate. After the adult run has finished the children will run a 1.1 mile race in Priory Park, finishing across the same line as their parents, friends and other runners will have done. If we could get every child in the school involved that would be brilliant and we are already getting our Years 3—6 pupils to run before their Games lessons to start building up the miles as well as building up their fitness before Sports Day. If you would be happy for your child to get involved there is a 3 step process:

1. Go to the website: www.runreigate.com
2. Start tracking your child’s miles, they can include all the miles they have done at school which the Sports Department are recording as well as any additional home mileage.
3. Turn up on Sunday, 18 September in Priory Park, Reigate and run the last 1.1 miles and receive a big medal, a massive round of applause and do something really worthwhile.

As many parents as possible are also invited to get involved and run the half marathon, which won a national award last year and is the fastest growing half marathon in the country. So I encourage everyone to be a part of it!

On Tuesday our second Year 5 group visited the Roald Dahl museum. They were just as impressed, but somewhat colder – where has Spring gone?

This morning you would have been forgiven for thinking that the Martians had landed in the Sports Hall. A great big dome had apparently appeared overnight, filling almost half of the hall. Thankfully there were no Martians, but it was space related and all of the Upper School (Years 3 to 6) enjoyed a guided tour of the night sky in this amazing astrodome, which is an indoor planetarium. Looking at the faces of those coming out of the astrodome, they were dazzled by the array of planets, stars and constellations and also dazzled by the bright daylight as they emerged. We are grateful to Mrs Baker for organising this event.

On Wednesday evening our Choristers sang at Eversfield Nursing home, sharing their beautiful music with the very appreciative elderly folk there, and as I write I am looking forward to this evening’s informal music concert.

What a great week it has been!

Marcus Culverwell

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