Year 4 residential trip to Henley Fort…..


Last Thursday (12th May), Year 4 embarked on their ‘overnight adventure’ to Henley Fort in Guildford, where they were actively encouraged to develop their ‘skills’ in confidence, risk-taking and teamwork through Canoeing, Climbing, Bouldering, Archery, Orienteering, Team Tasks and a Challenge Course.

The weather was beautiful and the children made the most of the fantastic activities on offer. A particular hightlight was singing around the camp fire in the evening!

Well done to everyone for all your hard work, getting on with each other, funny moments and for keeping the staff on their toes. Everyone represented RSM in a very positive light and we were extremely proud of you!

Some of the children’s comments were:

“The yurts are great!”

“The best trip ever!”

 “I really enjoyed canoeing although I thought I wouldn’t!”

“Archery was the best thing for me!”           

“Can we stay longer?”


Henley fort 1 Henley Fort 2 Henley Fort 3 Henley Fort 4 Henley Fort 5

























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