Early Years enjoy a visit from the Fire Service…..


On Monday the children in Early Years had an exciting visit from the Fire Service.

The Firemen began by giving a wonderful talk to each class about firefighting and showing them their uniform and special breathing equipment.  The children were delighted to be able to try on their helmets and boots.

The fun continued outside as the children eagerly queued up to have a chance to turn on a real fire hose, which they managed brilliantly without soaking themselves or their teachers (too much!). Then they climbed aboard the fire engine and were told all about how firemen tackle real fires.

We are very grateful to the Firemen from Reigate Fire Station for such an informative and fun visit.


Fire visit 1 Fire visit 2 Fire visit 3 fire visit 5 fire visit 6 fire visit 7 fire visit 8

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