Headmaster’s Roundup 9 June 2016

Dear Parents

There are few people in the public arena who sail through life without ever having the finger pointed at them for some misdemeanour, inappropriate comment or for not living by the values for which they stand. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is one of these exceptional people and I have to say I hold her in high regard. It cannot be easy being a monarch in any country, but as Head of the Commonwealth she has an incredibly high profile and yet she has represented all that is good about our great nation for more than six decades.

Therefore, as we celebrated her 90th birthday with a street party style lunch, the raising of the Union Jack flag and the singing of the National Anthem I had a strong sense that this was not simply a case of going through the motions but that we were indeed celebrating the birthday of an impressive and honourable lady.

There have been so many other exciting activities this week as well. On Tuesday Year 1 visited Chessington Zoo for their annual educational outing and Year 6 visited the Sutton Life Centre where they received a powerful multi-media presentation about a safe transition to secondary school life.

Then on Wednesday Kindergarten had their annual outing this time to Sheffield Park Bluebell Railway and Year 5 headed off to the Isle of Wight for their three day residential. Then in the afternoon Year 4 had their habitat visit, so it really was strangely quiet around the school.

As I write Green Shoots and Kindergarten are enjoying their sports morning and I am looking forward to the Lower School Sports Day this afternoon.

Last Friday we enjoyed another special Promotion Matins where Ben McDonald, William Fulker and Gabriel Burns were promoted to the position of Senior Chorister. Matthew Howard was appointed as a Chorister and Matthew Tracy as a Probationor. They all sang very well and we had our usual celebrations after the service.

Please note that there are several special events coming up soon:

Upper School Sports Day-Wed 15 June (from 9 am)
The Music Soiree – Thursday 16 June (7 pm)
Meet the New Teacher Evening – Wednesday 22 June (6.50 pm)
Prize Giving for Years 3 to 6 -Thursday 30 June (7pm)

I look forward to seeing many of you on these dates.

Marcus Culverwell
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