Reigate Grammar School’s exam results are the best ever…

RGS Headmaster writes “I am pleased to say that this was a fabulous year. Overall, these are the best results that RGS students have ever secured. This really is an example of wonderful added value. These results are testament to the super students, dedicated staff and very supportive parents of the Reigate Grammar school community. So, congratulations and thank you.

Of course, individual circumstances are the only things that really matter. It is securing the grades to go to your university of choice that is the most important outcome of A Level results day. So the headlines below are not the most important thing, but they do tell a story.

       At GCSE

  •   More grades were A* than every other grade put together.
  •   The A* grades rose to 55% which is the highest we have ever secured. As the first co-ed day

    school in the country to have our achievement deemed ‘exceptional’ by the sector benchmarks of

    ISI last year, these results are even better again!

  •   The A*-A grades were at 83% of all grades and equals the best ever A*-A results that the school

    has ever had and is up again from the grades that ISI deemed exceptional last year.

    At A Level

  •   As I say above, all that really matters are the outcomes for individuals. I am delighted that, with one or two still deciding what to do, it looks like every student completing their Upper Sixth Form here will have good choices for their next steps and with nearly 90% off to either Russell Group, Oxbridge or medical schools.
  •   This year our students achieved 94% A*-B at A Level beating the results last year that were deemed to be ‘Exceptional’ by ISI that were 91%. In terms of headlines, anything over 90% of grades at A*-B grades puts the school in the premier league of school achievement.
  •   Why do we use the measure of A*-B grades? That is because this year, as last, our students hold University places where the grade requirements are almost exclusively all A*-B grades. Therefore, A*, A and B grades create life chances and secure university places that are aligned with the aspirations of RGS students. It is also the same as national benchmark tables.

    The last three years have been the three highest attaining years exam results since our records began

To be clear, exam results only measure half of what makes a good education. They do not give credit for quality of friendships, leadership qualities, teamwork skills or preparedness for adult life. I was asked to comment on just that crucial truth for the Telegraph last week and I copy the link here because I do passionately believe that more than exam results, what was so impressive about RGS life last year was the rich diet our students enjoyed in the arts, sport, cultural, and other activities.’

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2016/08/17/no-one-ever-got-an-olympic-medal-for-a-level- grades—your-chara/




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