Social Responsibility in action at RSM……

By Henry Russ Year 6

During the summer holidays my brother was learning to coach deaf cricketers for his Duke of Edinburgh award . I often went with him and helped out during practice. At first, I found it quite difficult as I had to always look the deaf players in the eye so they could lip read to understand me. I had very little confidence as it was hard for me to interpret what they were saying. The deaf players were very kind and appreciated my help.

A match was organised with the Merstham Disability Team and my brother was stuck in traffic so I volunteered to take his place. The evening was a huge experience for me. I spent time helping the players, being patient and en-couraging them as it wasn’t about winning. It was about people with disabilities coming together to try something new and have fun just as we all do with sport.

This experience showed me that people are not limited by their disabilities and that volunteering can be a brilliant and fun way to meet new, different people who can be amazingly inspirational if you give them the chance.

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