6W Perform a Tudor Play to Assembly…


On Wednesday morning it was 6W’s turn to entertain us with their class assembly. It took the form of a tongue-in-cheek Tudor play.

Comic timing is a real art and can be quite a challenge, but 6W pulled it off spectacularly and with ease! Although the play was a spoof, it was set against an accurate historical backdrop. It included the meeting between Henry VIII and Francis and references to the attitudes at the time, for example the place of women in Tudor society.

Characters stepped in and out of role, commented on the action and, at one point, discussed the elements that make up a play. With 12 scenes, 32 characters (played by only 19 children!) and 20 minutes to perform, a lot of slick costume changes, organisation and teamwork were vital. The class managed this perfectly well on their own, allowing Mrs Winterhalder to sit back and enjoy the moment.

She would like to congratulate the class and express how proud she is of them all, for what they achieved; as well as thanking the parents for their support with costumes and props; and to Oli Ford for giving up some of his lunch times to work with her enthusiastically on the powerpoint.


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