Headmaster’s Roundup 10 November 2016…….


What a spectacular fireworks display we all enjoyed on Friday evening. Once again FOSMA have excelled in entertaining us and bringing the school community together. Enormous thanks goes to the team.

Friday evening was a success for another reason too. Our U11 girls returned from the East Grinstead Hockey Tournament held at Ardingly College where 12 different schools competed for the trophy and I am delighted to say that our girls were the victors. The quality of hockey at Reigate St Mary’s has improved immensely in recent times and I am grateful to the Games Department for the hard work that has gone into raising the standards. Of course the biggest congratulations goes to the girls on their success.

Yesterday Rev Fox spoke to Years 3 and 4 about Matins and why we still have these services. He loves to take this opportunity to let the children ask whatever questions they want and this time they included:

If God created the world, who created God? Are God and Jesus two people or are they just one mixed together? Is God here right now and we can’t see him? Is God bigger than the universe? Are Jesus and God the same size? And the best one of all. Are Jesus and Zeus the same person? A fun session had by all!

Some of you may be aware that our senior school, Reigate Grammar, have released an atmospheric balloon taking a camera to the outer atmosphere sending home photographs showing clearly the curvature of the earth and the continents below. We could not quite compete with this but we were delighted to have been part of the Rocket Science experiment which involved comparing the growth of seeds which had been to space and back with those that had remained on terra firma. The results have been on the BBC news. Further information about this can be found in the News and Events section of the website.

Congratulations go to 6W this week for an excellent assembly. Everyone dressed in their Tudor outfits and performed a playlet about Tudor times emphasising how life was so very different back then. We are grateful to Mrs Winterhalder and Mrs Taylor for preparing the children so well.

Another great success for a member of the school community was celebrated this week when our school chef, Mrs Day, won the Harrison Catering’s School Chef of the Year 2016, with an exciting menu of turkey meatballs stuffed with mozzarella in a tomato sauce, spiralized vegetables and a pesto dough stick followed by churros with a chocolate dipping sauce—Yum! A massive well done to Mrs Day.

Finally, I have written one of my occasional reflections which includes some rather moving extracts from the RGS Godfrey Searle Choir archives about a former chorister who fought in the First World War. I encourage you to take a few moments to read this before Armistice Day tomorrow. It can be found in the News and Events page of the website.

Marcus Culverwell


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