Headmaster’s Roundup 1 December 2016

On Saturday we enjoyed another brilliant FOSMA Christmas Fair. Huge thanks go to the team, particularly to Mrs Covey and Mrs Horrocks, for the time and effort that went into making the event such a success. Thank you to everyone who turned up, contributed, supported the running of stalls etc. This was a lovely community event.

Our Christmas tree and some rather cute Christmas animals have joined us on the top playground helping to get us all in the mood for Christmas. Again we thank FOSMA for donating these Christmas characters … the animals, not the children !!

We enjoyed two special events today, open classrooms for Lower School and Reception and a sing along for Green Shoots. Great fun and well attended.

With the wintery weather arriving, Kindergarten have a Polar theme going on, with elves, penguins and even an igloo in their classroom.

From next Monday we have decided to supervise snacks before morning break so that we can ensure the children are eating their snacks rather than skipping these in order to get out to play more quickly. This is particularly for the older children, as they can often be hungry before lunch and their attention wanders in lessons before they eat. The supervision of snacks will also take place for children who have an afternoon break. Therefore, please be aware that we are putting this system in place, and if your child does not normally have a snack we would encourage them to bring in one of the permitted snacks from Monday.

I am looking forward to the forthcoming concerts. Lower School and Early Years on the 7th and Upper School on the 12th. At the Upper School Christmas Concert there will be a retiring collection in aid of the Kenyan Youth Choir. Mrs Seymour has worked with the choir and this charitable organisation gives children from very poor backgrounds opportunities to sing and travel in their home country. If you would be happy to contribute to this charity do bring some cash with you to the Upper School Christmas Concert. Thank you in advance.

Finally, wise words from an 8 year old. At the Eco-Committee meeting last week the children were considering ways to use less and be more environmentally friendly this Christmas. During the discussions Zac Ford said – “perhaps we could just take a look around us at home and just be satisfied with that.”

Wisdom indeed!

Marcus Culverwell


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