Year 3 enjoy a visit to Priory Park…

Year 3 enjoyed an interesting trip to the park……..

Our stunning starter was on Wednesday 11 January. We walked to Priory Park and then we went into the woods. Afterwards we collected leaves and things we found on the ground. We saw some fungus in the trees and we saw green shoots in the ground. Finally we headed back to school.
Emma S

On Wednesday 11th January 2017 Year 3 went to Priory Park for their stunning starter for the rain forest. We took the quick way to the park, along the side of the sports field. My partner was Vanya and she told me that her old school was near the Amazon ! We couldn’t go to the rain forest because they’re too far away and there are dangerous snakes! Ooh! They give me the creeps! I don’t think I’m going to tell you about Mummo’s Snake Tales from Finland they’re too creepy! At Priory Park we went in the windy woods to search for natural objects. Not sticks though ! Lexi and Holly found a burrow in the leaves.
We found lots of pretty leaves which we popped in the teacher’s bags. Bella found some purple cherries. We also found some prickly shells which had nuts in them which squirrels ate.
Amélie B

On Wednesday 11 January 2017 Year 3 went to Priory Park for our stunning starter. We strided up a massive hill, the floor was covered in leaves. We started picking nature up and putting leaves in white plastic bags. Then we formed a circle and thought about our senses. We walked back down the hill and had free time running around on the field.
Erik Whitely

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