Growth Mind-set in action at the 5W Assembly……


On Wednesday 5W shared with the school what they had discovered about having a Growth Mind-set. They explained how this can make learning fun and enable you to achieve things you never thought were possible. Some important points from the children were:

Olivia H: Your ability is not FIXED. Your talent is not set in stone. You have the capability of GROWING your brain!

Mimi: To grow your brain you have to learn how to learn! Be curious, ask lots of questions, look for patterns and connections.

Ryan: Enjoy learning—have fun, work hard, practice.

Joshua: Never give up, try, try and try again. Be resilient. Fail intelligently and ask ‘what can I do better?’ Concen-trate, block out distractions, do one thing at a time.

The children told the story of Bobby the Bee, who turned his mind-set from fixed to growth and consequently became an expert bee. The children also shared examples of when they have demonstrated a Growth Mind-set and how this has helped them. A big ‘well done’ to all the children for working so hard to learn and perform their lines so wonderfully!


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