We are proud to retain our Green Flag Status…..


On Tuesday we had a visit from the Eco-Schools Assessor, to see if RSM were following guidelines well enough to be awarded the Green Flag for the second time. Each time the flag is awarded, it only lasts for 2 years before we need to be assessed again.

We have now heard that we have been awarded it for the next 2 years. The whole school is involved in this led by the Eco-Committee, the Green Leaders and the gardening club. This year we were very pleased to also have the Lego League Team with Mr Williams to kick off our Assessor’s visit with their brilliant presentation in assembly about bees and their inter-dependence with humans.

All the pupils involved with the visit were outstanding. They were enthusiastic and everyone spoke to the Assessor at some stage, all with interesting points to be made. I felt very proud to be involved with them, and they did their teachers, parents, the school community and themselves very proud. Carrie Cort our Assessor was very impressed with all we are doing and have done over the past 2 years.


Mrs Betts

Eco Co-ordinator


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