Headmaster’s Roundup 26 January 2017

Dear Parents

It really delights me when children show compassion for others and this week Michael M has gone into the Achievement Book for this very reason. Having found out that one of his friends’ cousins was suffering from cystic fibrosis, he decided to run 21 km over 6 weekends raising £340 for this worthy cause. The most impressive thing is that Michael is still only 6 years old. If he can run that far and show that much care in Year 2 what is he going to be like by the time he gets to Year 6! Great compassion and a great effort from Michael.

On Wednesday, 5W led our Assembly and did a wonderful presentation all about Growth Mind-set. They told the story of a bee who did not want to learn the dance, find the flowers and get his nectar because he was scared of getting it wrong and looking silly in front of his friends. The message was clear and the enthusiasm with which the message was delivered shows that it is really being taken on board. Well done to 5W and my gratitude to Miss White for preparing them so well.

We are very proud of our Eco Committee, Green Leaders and Gardening Club for their success in retaining our Green Flag status following a visit from the Eco Schools Assessor. It is a fantastic accolade and well deserved. We look forward to flying the Green Flag and continuing our eco efforts over the next few years.

Marcus Culverwell

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