Year 4 experience Victorian times at Preston Manor……


On Tuesday 21st February, Year 4 were immersed into life in a Victorian manor house. In class they had learnt about different job vacancies at Preston Manor and then wrote application letters for one of the jobs that they fancied doing.

On arrival at Preston Manor they were greeted by Mrs Story the head house maid who immediately put them in their places! The children worked exceptionally hard at tasks such as; cleaning the silverware, laying the table, making jam tarts, writing on slate scripts, washing clothes, ironing and carpet beating just to name a few.

Mrs Storey and Miss Rose, the chief maid, were incredibly pleased with the children’s efforts and said that if she could she would offer them all a job.

The children also visited Hove Museum where they enjoyed a workshop looking at household objects from the Victorian era. They enjoyed guessing what they may have been used for and hearing about some of the strange ways in which people lived their life many years ago.

A big well done to all of Year 4 on an excellent trip and massive thanks goes to our 4 parent helpers.



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