The Eco Committee launch Fair Trade Fortnight……..


On Monday morning our Eco Committee presented an assembly on Fair Trade as part of Fair Trade fortnight. Fair Trade Fortnight is a unique campaign that aims to transform the banana industry to ensure the people in the supply chain and the millions of struggling banana farmers and workers, get a fair deal.
Although 1 in 3 British bananas are fair trade, many banana farmers and workers have had their earnings cut as supermarkets try to pay as little as possible for bananas so they can offer their customers low prices.
The Eco Committee explained to a rapt assembly that some people in the world earn their living by growing food or making things to sell. Their goods are shipped to other parts of the world but unless they get paid a fair price, they won’t have enough money for even the most basic essentials

The fair Trade Organisation promotes:

Better prices for crops.
Better working conditions, so workers are treated well and children are able to attend school.
Keeping farming sustainable so that crops can be grown year after year.
Fair terms of trade (selling goods) for farmers and workers in poorer countries.
Extra money going into projects that help the local community such as bicycles to get to work or wells to provide water.

The Eco Committee also launched this year’s competition – Insect You Go!

They showed an interesting video on the National Trust website about bug hunting which can been seen by following the link below:


 Details of the competition are below:

Upper School – Insect selfie – take a selfie of yourself with an insect and then use your IT skills to present it. Think up a Pokémon style name which has not yet been used in the Pokemon Go game.

Lower School – A bug hunt and drawing (please complete the entry form) – find all the bugs listed on the form and tick them off, you don’t need to photograph them. Draw your favourite bug. And don’t forget to name your entries.

Entries should be completed and returned to the year 6 Green Leaders by Friday 21 April.



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