An alien invasion at RSM…….


On Tuesday 18 April, it was a normal morning…until, Mr Culverwell marched in and, ever so officially, interrupted the flow of the lesson with some urgent, emergency news! He explained that some sort of crash had occurred on the bund, and there had been a visit by the police. He said that because year 6 were good at scientific investigations he was going to need their help to find out what had happened. He said he was a little worried about radiation and was soon measuring the levels at the scene with a Geiger counter! He said it was safe.
The whole year group were taken to the scene by their form teachers, where the evidence suggested that whatever had crashed had come from outer space. We all took fantastic pictures and notes on our iPads and notebooks, so that we could begin to write a newspaper article all about the crash. During the process of writing the newspaper we got an urgent call from Mrs Edwards, a neighbour, explaining that she had heard a loud bang and saw some bright, beautiful colours in the sky which gave us some important clues!
Whatever will occur next?
By Etalie Culverwell

Edward’s Newspaper

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