Year 5 visit the Roald Dahl Museum…….


Year 5 had a fabulous trip to the Roald Dahl Museum on Wednesday . They have been studying the wonderful books he wrote and learning about his time as a fighter pilot and spy so it was lovely to visit the museum and find out more about his life. In preparation for the visit, the children researched his stories and studied the illustrations of Quentin Blake 

The children spent some time looking round Great Missenden village. The petrol pumps described in Danny Champion of the World are still there and lots of other things which inspired his stories. The museum was fascinating and the children were amused to see copies of his school reports which said he was not very good at English! They were able to explore the hut where he wrote his stories and see his actual hip bone which he kept on his desk after he had a hip replacement operation.

The visit gave them a brilliant insight into Roald Dahl’s extraordinary life and the children are looking forward to preparing newspaper reports about the trip.



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