Year 4 attend an internet safety show….


On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 ventured over to Chinthurst school to enjoy a drama production called ‘In the net’. This was provided by the Surrey Educational Trust to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet and ways to keep safe online. It really brought internet safety to life in a fun and engaging way and the children enjoyed joining in with the pantomime-style responses whilst learning some very clear message.

The following themes were covered:

· Safe Internet/Social Media Use

· Keeping personal information safe

· The effects of cyber-bullying on others

· What to do if you are being cyber-bullied

· What to do if you get that ‘Oh Oh’ feeling online

· What makes a ‘healthy relationship’

· What to do if you have questions or concerns

Year 4 were very well behaved and enjoyed the juice and biscuits at the end. It would be great if parents could chat with their children about the issues discussed and help their children to stay safe online.

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