Book reviews…..

Does your child struggle to find books he or she enjoys? Would your child be motivated to read more if there was a possibility of being videoed talking about a book they have enjoyed reading for the website? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then read on…
As a way of helping children who struggle to know which books they might like, but also as a way of motivating the children to read more, we are inviting the children to write book reviews.  The best of these will be videoed.
If your child has enjoyed a book, they can write a review of it.  They should then give the review to their teacher.  Teachers will then select the best of these,  pass it to our Librarian, Mrs Pangalos.  Mrs Pangalos will choose the most informative and entertaining reviews, video the child reading them, and Mrs Trantor will put the video on the web site with a link from the Bulletin.

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