Our Drill Team perform in the RGS Dance Slam..


I have mentioned dance many times over the last couple of years because it has gone from nothing to brilliant under the direction initially of Mrs Townsend and then more recently with the enthusiasm and dedication of Mrs Petersen-Jones.  Our most accomplished dancers, The Drill Team, took part in the Reigate Grammar Dance Slam where individual and groups of students can come with their own choreographed routines and perform in front of a judge from a local dance school.  As ever, our team who were the youngest by far impressed the judge and all of the spectators but more importantly had a lot of fun.  Interestingly just this week the Duchess of Cambridge was in the headlines when she announced that Prince George will be taking ballet classes when he starts school.  Research has shown that Performing Arts improve academic performance but what isn’t necessarily recognised is that dance also helps to develop real world skills such as communication and problem solving, team work, timing and to an extent blue sky thinking as they create their dances and all of these things are what employers are looking for in our real world.  So well done not only to The Drill Team but all those who dance across the age range at Reigate St Mary’s and particular thanks to Mrs Petersen-Jones and Mrs Ebbrell.

Marcus Culverwell

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