Compassion makes a difference to children’s lives….

A large number of families at RSM have signed up for our Compassion sponsorship programme. Every year group from Reception to Year 6 now sponsors a child in a developing country. This sponsorship provides the child with a nutritious meal each day, health care where needed, a birthday or Christmas gift and most importantly an education and hope for the future. These children all live in communities where those without an education invariably have little to look forward to at all.

I am very proud of our school community who provide the money for the sponsorship as I have seen, first-hand, the impact that such sponsorship makes on children’s lives, having visited Uganda in 2013.

I have included here some feedback from parents regarding the impact the sponsorship programme has on our own children as well as the sponsored child.

“The benefits of the child sponsorship programme are that our children grow up alongside another child; they can compare and understand another’s life circumstance, but also they see their giving having an immediate and positive impact on another’s life. When a photo comes of the sponsored child with a new mattress and goat, our children can see it was directly due to our Christmas gift. When they receive a school report and a letter from the sponsored child they can relate to them individually as they are more than just a ‘cause’. Somehow the personal element of the relationship allows a deeper and more lasting understanding and connection. Not only does it practically help the sponsored child, but it encourages a global and compassionate approach of our kids.”


“Being able to communicate directly with another child is fun, interesting and is exciting for our children. They are genuinely caring and interested in this other person and are often referenced when we think about global poverty or discuss world events. Sponsorship can help them personalise and engage with a concept that is at times huge and overwhelming. I feel it helps them to see the world for what it is, a beautiful but unbalanced place where some have more than others, but where we are responsible and can effect change “


“Compassion is a great charity as it builds its sponsored children up to learn, to lead, to positively impact their communities. The individual and their family is supported. These projects can be huge and whole villages included…so you as a sponsor are positively affecting whole communities from within. It invests in their here-and-now as well as their futures.”  


“It is an exciting and dynamic charity, but also is personal and worthwhile. I wholly support it as a school venture and would encourage all families to be involved in the programme.”


So, it is not just the benefit to the recipient that is worthwhile, it is also the benefit to our own children, teaching them about social responsibility and the pleasure one can gain from helping others, even on the other side of the world.

Marcus Culverwell

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