A Fabulous Finish to Year 2’s Ocean topic….


Class 2B held their final lower school assembly on Wednesday 14th June.  It was a musical performed as part of their Fantastic Finish to the topic of Oceans and Seas.   The story was about Stella the Starfish who had lost her family and the general theme of the production was friendship between the sea creatures, as they all helped Stella to find her family again.
The children all rose to the occasion and although it was done under the guise of an assembly, it was a brilliant production for the children to do as they begin to think about leaving Lower School and starting Upper School.  There were some lovely soloists and enthusiastic chorus singing, as well as a very floaty seaweed dance.
The pirate ship was used from a previous year’s assembly, and the backing screens have been used many times, so it was quite a recycling production too –  pride of place has to be given to Mrs Chippendale’s amazing aquarium from a recycled box and Mrs Hopkins’ hand drawn and painted pebbles as a background!

Mrs Betts


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