All set for Hedgehogs in the Natural World garden….


In our last Eco Committee meeting of this school year, we completed the first part of our task to bring a wider variety of animals to the school site, specifically the Natural World garden.  Earlier this year, having audited the birds and animals that visit the school site, the Committee had decided that, as we had no evidence of hedgehogs, we should find designs for and make two hedgehog houses.  As time was short, our caretakers, Mr Ritchie and Mr Foster, came up trumps and made them for us.  The Committee then spent a while deciding where would be the best place for them and in our last meeting we piled up branches and dry leaves to cover the houses and make them more appealing to hedgehogs.  The design of them is such that hopefully no foxes, dogs or cats will be able to get in, so the hedgehogs will be safe.  The houses are in situ now because they need to be found by hedgehogs who will then return to them in the Autumn to nest. Fantastic job Eco, you have now started RSM’s journey to get their third Green Flag.

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