Year 6 make moon buggies…..

By Harry Kelly, Josie Wakefield

Over the half term Year 6 created lots of different types of moon buggies . The idea was to test them on tarmac, sand, wood chipping and grass to see if they worked on all of those surfaces. Everyone tried their best, and unfortunately not all buggies functioned properly on all the surfaces.
First, we tested on tarmac, and nearly all of the buggies operated properly. Some took multiple pushes, some motors crashed or broke, but most performed well.
Next, we tested them on the sand. It took more pushes for many of the moon buggies, and a few more broke.
Then we tried wood chipping and we discovered that, if a motor wasn’t built with the proper wheels, it would only dig a hole in the ground. This was where most were destroyed and took the most pushes on average.
Finally we tested the moon buggies on the grass, and some fell apart, and parts went missing, but for others, it was fine.
Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and it was a great day.

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