Château de la Baudonnière, Normandie


At 5am on Sunday 6th August an excited group of teachers and children set off by coach to Portsmouth, then Brittany Ferries to France, followed by coach again to the beautiful Château de la Baudonniere, arriving late afternoon. We had a brilliant seven days, everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves. By the end of the week, everyone was also a lot more confident speaking French. In the words of the children:

My favourite activity was the canoeing as we did different activities in our canoes on the lake. It was fun.

I really enjoyed the food because I tried new things and enjoyed them. If we ran out of something, we went to the kitchen and asked for more eg  ‘Je voudrais encore du pain, s’il vous plait!’

My favourite activity was aéroballe because it was exciting. We had a tournament and I won! I loved it!

I really enjoyed the market and then we went to the goat farm. We could go in with the goats. The farmer let us try the goat’s milk. It was warm and I’m not sure if I liked it. He also let us taste some goat’s cheese. I bought some to bring home for my family.

My favourite was the climbing wall. I reached the top and rang the bell!

My favourite bit was when we had the talent show at the end of the week. It was amazing. A group of us did a dance. It was so fun!

I would like to add un grand MERCI to the other members of my Château team: Madame Salmon, Madame Hopkins, Madame et Monsieur Winterhalder

Monsieur Hollands

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