Year 5 visit Antarctica…

With thanks to the visiting drama company, Arnaud Theatre.

Our Antarctic expedition – by Ella W

On the 9th November year 5 went on an Antarctic expedition. The first thing we did was get our papers and we were ready to go. Ernest Shackleton introduced himself to us and then we got our warm clothes on. We found a stowaway on board the ship! We were on the ships for months weeks and days until we were stuck. Our ship had got stuck between the ice. We tried everything to break the ice but it did not crack. We stayed on the ship for a few weeks until we had to evacuate the ship. The ship was nearly under the water because it was sinking. We took everything we could out of the boat. A few weeks later we were only eating a biscuit a day. And then we got help we were on our way home. The last thing we had to do was run through a blizzard. It was my favourite part because we got snow poured all over us. At the end everyone was trying to find all the snow and put it on their heads. It was like the Sports Hall had snowed. Thank you so much to the drama team who helped us get through this wonderful expedition. I think everyone had so much fu

Year 5 Antarctic expedition –  by Harry H

On the 9th October 2017 year 5 travelled on an expedition to Antarctica. With 41 crew , 30 dogs and 13 ponies the ship was packed! I got the job of an able seaman so when James and I climbed the rigging we got thumbs up from Shackleton. We sailed from Plymouth to Argentina and from there we travelled to Antarctica. Sadly when we got there we missed Besal bay and drifted away by 8 miles. Oh yes I forgot to tell you what are ship was called, it was called Endurance. When we drifted away we set up our ocean camp, we built an igloo for the dogs but soon we abandoned ocean camp as sadly we ran out of food for the dogs and had to shoot them.  After that we set up patient camp. We had barely  any food left so we had to narrow our food down to the bare limit. For breakfast  we looked at a biscuit for lunch we sucked it and for dinner we ate it! At the end we had to run through  a blizzard and got to safety! My favourite part was the blizzard. Next year’s year 5 will really enjoy this.

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