A busy week in Kindergarten…


Kindergarten have been thinking about Africa this week. The children have been making tribal necklaces, weaving, designing masks, and making rain sticks. They were fortunate to have had a visit from Mrs Covey and Saba to tell them all about their wonderful trip to Africa. The children loved looking at the photos of the animals and the Masai people, and asked a lot of interesting questions. They were fascinated by the tribal necklace they brought in to show us too. Thank you Mrs covey!

Kindergarten have also had their Marvellous Middle dress up day this week. They are thinking about ‘The World Around Us’ and the children (and teachers!) came to school dressed up in costumes from around the world. There were Guatemalan dresses, French berets, Scottish kilts and Australian cork hats to name but a few! The children got creative making pizzas and designing their own flags. They also enjoyed  a picnic of tropical fruit and mango lassi.

Its off to the Americas next week to find out all about carnival and Thanksgiving….

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