An interactive workshop about Macbeth

On Monday 27th November, Year Six were involved in an interactive performance from ‘The Young Shakespeare Company’ of the tragedy of ‘Macbeth’. the children loved it! In the words of the children….
We were all involved and had a crucial part in every scene. For example, some children played specific roles, whereas the entire year group created the atmosphere through sound effects: the heath was created through humming for the mystery of magic, patting our legs to be the driving rain and howling and growling to represent wildlife.The actors really expressed the characters’ emotions and they produced it in a way that all ages could enjoy – including us! It was a very enjoyable morning.
Thomas C, Thomas H and Elise all in 6R
It was really fun because you thought you were actually there. The actors were loud and emphasised the key parts. I enjoyed how creative it was.
Joe 6A
It was a lot of fun to see how the actors creatively adapted the story.
Kiran 6A
Some people got to act in it (I played Malcolm). It was a fun experience and they acted it out in a way that 10 and 11 year olds would understand.
Phoebe M 6A

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