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A Fabulous Finish for Year 3’s Roman topic…


On Wednesday, Freshwater Theatre Company visited Year 3 as their Fabulous Finish and performed the ‘Return of the Roman’. The children learnt about Romans from different times and were wowed by the performances. A special thank you goes to Mrs Newland who stepped in last minute to take on the role of Mrs Sparkle. The children also enjoyed drama activities based on life in Roman times. They then proudly shared their work from this term with their parents. Well done Year 3 on a truly Fabulous Finish!
In the words of Sophia and George…
‘We had a fabulous finish and I think it was magical! It was based on the Romans in Britain and the Celts. First we went over to the church hall, Mrs Newland was a funny character called Dizzy Sparkle who got told off three times. (It wasn’t meant to be Mrs Newland but half of the crew weren’t there; 50% of the theatre group were ill!) It was a game show with contestants; Markus was amazing at marching, then it was Brutus’ turn, he was a trader. Last, but not least, Livia, a lady of the house, had her turn. But, before her was Boudicca the barbarian who was really scary! From Livia we learnt that a spork is half spoon/half fork. After the play we had 2 workshops and we learnt how to build a Roman road, what features were important to a Celtic village and then we passed some pictures round about Celtic jewellery. We put bibs on to be farmers and masks to celebrate death and flowers’.

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