An inspiring music trip…


It is marvellous to see more pupils taking up instrumental lessons and we have many different instrumental  ensembles. Playing as part of an orchestra or band really develops the children’s technique and it is great fun. To inspire the children to take up an instrument and to broaden their musical knowledge, Year 4  visited G Live to see their first Classical Symphony Orchestra Concert.
The orchestra for the event was Southern Pro Musica – a professional orchestra based in the South East of England. Their conductor is Jonathan Willcocks, the son of the well renowned conductor and composer Sir David Willcocks. Jonathan was educated at Cambridge and, like his Father, is a successful conductor and composer.
RSM was one of seven schools at the event. The behaviour of our pupils was exemplary – a real credit to the school. They listened attentively all through the concert.  Mia even got to take part and had the exciting opportunity of going on the stage.
The programme was specifically designed with Primary school children in mind. The aim was to develop the pupils’ interest in Classical music and to become familiar with the sights and sounds of a Symphony Orchestra. The pupils heard all the wonderful, distinctive timbres of the four instrument families. The compere for the concert was Neil Henry – a magician. Throughout the concert he enthralled the audience with his magic tricks. RSM pupils all loved him producing a Rabbit from his Hat.

The concert began with the Fanfare (from Also sprach Zarathustra, Strauss). Holly (4H) wrote:

“The piece I enjoyed most was the Fanfare because it made me think of space and lots of pretty stars.”

The following composition was the Overture from the opera The Thieving Magpie by Rossini. The next piece, called Meet the Orchestra, was written by Jonathan Willcocks. The narrator spoke about the different instrument families whilst the audience listened to all the different sounds that came from the families.

Next we heard The Hornpipe (from Water Music, Handel) which was followed by The Lonely Drummer by Jonathan Willcocks. This is a narrated story which tells the story of the Orchestra’s drummer who really wanted to play a tune. Ben (4H) wrote

“I enjoyed the Lonely Drummer because it was about someone who was sad and then became happy”

A favourite piece of the majority of Year 4 was The Acrobat by Greenwood. This is a wonderfully entertaining piece for orchestra and solo Trombone. Jack (4GF) loved this piece as it had his favourite instrument. The beautiful melodies of Tchaikovsky’s – Waltz from Sleeping Beauty was next, followed by The Big Country and The Liberty Bell March. The concert concluded with a song, written by Jonathan Willcocks, about the benefits of having an active life style. We all got to sing with the orchestra whilst moving about!
After the concert there was an abundance of RSM pupils saying they would like to learn an instrument. Favourites were the cello, trombone, bassoon. tuba and harp. I think that some Parents will be needing to purchase a bigger car!

Catherine Cundy
Music Coordinator

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