The ‘Make a Difference’ Challenge at RSM…


The Make a Difference Challenge is a social action project that aims to provide children with the opportunity and means to design, develop and implement an Action Plan with the purpose of supporting a particular cause or section of society. The plan should be developed through direct involvement with people associated with the cause.

Year 5 began the challenge two weeks ago when pairs from each class joined together to develop team working skills by discussing and reflecting on photographs of various different causes.  In order to develop citizenship skills, they were asked to write down either a question, a statement or an emotional response.  The understanding and empathy shown by the children was commendable.

In the next session, they held a ballot – everyone voted and there no spoiled papers!- to decide which cause they would be supporting.  ‘Environmental Issues’ was a firm favourite getting just under half the votes. The teachers were so pleased with the progress the children have made and the next step will be seeing how they can ‘spread the word’ and create a bank of ideas and actions through talking to parents, extended family and friends.

We will bring you news of their progress in the weeks to come.


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