Year 3 visit Wakehurst Place…


Yesterday, Year 3 made their way to Wakehurst Place to gain a greater understanding of the different types of plants found within the rainforest. As the sun shone brightly over the beautiful gardens, the children embarked on a rainforest trail. Here they were able to explore a variety of trees and leaves and were amazed to discover a tree that was just over 700 years old! The children also had a wonderful time in the ‘Amazing Seeds’ workshop, where they had the opportunity to explore a variety of seeds using microscopes. The staff at Wakehurst were particularly impressed with the wonderful drawings that the children produced and the detail that they included when sketching these. Year 3 had a great adventure and the Wakehurst staff commented on their stunning behaviour. Well done Year 3 in making our ‘Marvellous Middle’ a great success!

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