A wonderful assembly on friendship…

In their assembly, 4H showed us how they would complete a “Technical Bake”.  The challenge was to create a Friendship Cake.  Using drama and a big mixing bowl they shared their ideas and understanding of the ingredients for a great friendship.  The recipe is below.
Add the following ingredients to a big bowl:

1. Firstly, 30cl full of advice for when you are stuck and need a hand.
2. Secondly, sprinkle in 330g of smiles and a 200g of laughter for when we are feeling low.
3. After that, stir in 2 tablespoons of teamwork for when the challenges become too hard.
4. Now, add a handful of compliments to make us feel good followed by a touch of inspiration.
5. Soon after, pour in 1 litre of respect with 1 litre of honesty to allow the mixture to come together. Remember to add a dash of politeness..
6. Next, slowly add in heaped tablespoonfuls of forgiveness  to help us move on.
7. Finally, whisk the entire mixture thoroughly and add one last dollop of helpfulness  and care.

This is a slow bake cake and the more care you take the better the cake will be.
Keep checking it regularly and if well looked after it can last a lifetime.

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