Reception learn all about Monkeys..

The children in Reception returned to school in January to some very strange happenings! Sticks and leaves around the classrooms, banana skins on the floor and even some monkey nuts. After much investigation each class discovered a Monkey had made its way into their classroom.  The children thought hard about why the monkey might be there and how it might be feeling and they worked hard to gain their monkey’s trust.

The monkeys soon let the children know that they had lost their mummies and were stuck up high and needed help to get down. Everyone put their thinking caps on to help solve the problem and it was decided that the monkeys needed a ladder.  Keen to help the children built ladders, working together collaboratively as a team.

Once the monkeys were safely on the ground the children were delighted and set about finding out about how to care for them.  The children looked at websites, read books and watched videos of different types of monkeys to see what they could find out.

At the end of the term children embarked on a visit to Drusillas Park to see some ‘real-life’ monkeys as well as some other amazing animals.  The children thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of their trip from travelling by coach to eating their picnic lunch and they were fascinated to see so many different animals.

The Reception Team

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