Education for Social Responsibility

On Monday morning the Green Leaders helped me to lead an Assembly on Education for Social Responsibility (ESR). ESR is a concept that has been fully embraced by all Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS).  ESR incorporates both values and foundational knowledge to ensure a sustainable and equitable future for our children and therefore it has to be at the very heart of our education system.  At Monday morning’s Assembly we focussed on what we can do to limit climate change and the Green Leaders talked about:

  • Driving less, walking and scooting more.
  • Flying less and encouraging parents to do video conferencing rather than flying thousands of miles for meetings. Having electric hybrid cars or smaller engine cars when we replace our current vehicles.
  • Having 100% renewable energy suppliers for our homes where it is guaranteed that all of the electricity we buy comes from renewable sources such as wind or solar.  Every family should do this!
  • A big one was shopping less, every time we buy something energy has been used in its production and typically 400 litres of CO2 are produced for every £1 spent.
  • Eating less meat, particularly red meat, also reduces our environmental impact as cattle farming, particularly in regions where rain forests are being cut down to make space for grazing cattle has a huge impact on the environment.

All food for thought – excuse the pun!

Marcus Culverwell

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