Lego League Challenge


Last weekend the Year 6 First Lego League teams competed against each other in the Into Orbit season finale. The pupils spent the morning personalising their presentation, detailing how they would solve the issue of ‘space junk’, & finalising their solutions to the challenges on the robot performance table.

The two teams presented their work enthusiastically to the three judges, speaking clearly whilst working through their PowerPoint presentation containing the visual information. The teams were extremely competitive, executing their robot programmes meticulously and cheering enthusiastically when they successfully scored points. Each team won an award with a trophy, made of Lego of course, a fitting conclusion to a challenging topic and season.

My thanks go to all of the children in the team for a fascinating day & also the children’s parents for their support. A special thanks to Mrs Clark & Olivia Williams for their expertise and enthusiasm during the judging.

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