Maths at RSM…

At RSM we create an environment where all children can strive confidently to master their mathematical skills. The enthusiasm of our Maths teachers is a crucial part of this and they help the children to develop a positive mindset and not an ‘I can’t do this…’ attitude.

We refer to a Singaporean scheme called Maths – No Problem! where lessons begin with a problem solving activity and lots of discussion.

 Maths involves asking good questions, proposing ideas, connecting ideas, connecting different methods, using calculation and evaluating the solution.

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Teacher belief and demonstration breaks down the myth that only some people can do Maths and that they are more intelligent than others. At RSM, we encourage children to take a positive approach and a more active and  collaborative one supported by visual learning.

Collaborative work involves talk and use of concrete materials. The children explore a problem, discuss it and structure it, and then record what they have been doing in their journals.

We encourage the children to communicate their thinking and show their work in different ways. We aim to extend the children’s thinking rather than giving them lots of examples presented in the same way.

I made a mistake, that’s okay I can check it another way or I can check it against my partners and we can all grow as learners.

Annette Wright

Deputy Head

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