School Council…

Thanks to the members of the School Council, by next week there will be two clocks outside the school: one on the Bund and one on the playground, so that we know when it is time to come in and time to go to lunch.

The Bakija Community Project Bring and Buy
Several years ago, the school raised money to build six water tanks for schools, hospitals and child development centres in rural parts of Uganda   This made a huge difference to the quality of life of the people in these areas.  Mr Culverwell wants to raise more money and build more water tanks, and some time ago he asked the School Council to come up with ideas for how to do this.  A bring and buy sale was agreed upon.

This week, School Council were tasked with coming up with precise details about the sale itself.  As always, every idea was hotly debated.  Watch this space for more news about the sale.

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