Year 4 ‘fly’ to India..

Year 4 had a ‘Stunning Start’ to their topic on India by taking a ‘flight’ to Mumbai. The teachers became air hosts and hostesses and everyone loaded their bags onto the plane.

In the words of the children…

We went on a flight to marvellous Mumbai.  The security check took so long but while we waited, we chatted to our friends.  When we got to Mumbai it was sooo hot!! I needed tons of water.  Surprisingly on the flight there had been no food or drinks.  I can’t believe the flight crew left our luggage in the departure lounge.

Kieran A

Today Year 4 went to marvellous Mumbai as their splendid starter.  Four Fantasy Flights had the worst cabin crew I have ever met because they were reading off scripts!  However, I really did enjoy the inflight movie about different areas of India.  By the way – right now I am stuck in India with no luggage!

Emelia D

On the 16th January Year 4 flew to India.  We all packed our own suitcases and took them to the airport (Sports Hall).  We went through security, I got a beep!  Then the air hostesses (Mrs PJ, Mr Alden, Mrs Newland and Mrs Gibson) showed us to our seats, I was C3, soon we took off. It was an outrage as the crew forgot to load our luggage and I was surprised we got there safely with the very inexperienced pilot.  (Mrs Walters)

Sophie H

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