Safer Internet Week 2019..

Children’s safety online is arguably one of the most important considerations for parents today. Safer Internet Day 2019, Tuesday 5 February, has been incorporated into a Safer Internet Week at Reigate St Mary’s. The week began with a whole school assembly, first thing on Monday morning,  led by our IT Leaders. The IT Leaders engaged the audience superbly, disseminating essential information & challenging the children with thought provoking questions. The children responded enthusiastically & demonstrated their knowledge with a ‘sea of hands’ being raised for the correct choices. Thank you to the IT Leaders for sharing their expertise in this very important area.

To encourage discussions and increase understanding, the pupils have participated in follow up activities during form time, PSHE and Computing. These have aimed to increase awareness and appreciation of what permission is, when they should ask for it and how this may be requested of them. We encourage the pupils to ask a responsible adult if they are unsure and to appreciate it is ok to simply say NO!

There is a great deal to consider in the online world, it is easy to make mistakes and safety must be paramount!

Please initiate conversations with your children, ask probing questions and be interested in what they do or use – it is the best way to keep them safe!

Please do visit https://www.saferinternet.org.uk

For up-to-date information for parents www.parentifo.org

Simon Williams

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