RSM Library Leaders


We have a wonderful team of Year 6 Librarians returning hundreds of books to the shelves of our library each week, learning how to organise using the Dewey System, book genre and alphabetically. They take great care in keeping the library tidy and looking its best – I have never seen Roald Dahl displayed by rainbow colour before!  But this is by no means all; during their librarian meetings each week they have implemented many new ideas.

They have redesigned the way in which students can recommend books to other students and Sachin is now ensuring the book recommendation wall is full of inspiration for readers throughout our school.  Georgina carefully selects and displays interesting snippets of news to encourage the reading of publications kept in the library.  The initiative to read to lower school children at break time is going extremely well and all the librarians and children enjoy this time in the library.  We have had creative times as well with the librarians recycling old books into Christmas decorations for the library and making fun displays to highlight different book genres.  We are now busy getting ready for World Book Day at the start of next half term.

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